Suspension Linkage Service

Suspension Linkage Service

There are approximately 32 moving parts (on average) that make up every modern motorcycles suspension that uses linkage in the design. From the Aprilia RSV4 to the Yamaha R-1 and everything in-between! BMW and Ducati also use linkage in the front forks utilizing the tried and true Duo lever and Tele-lever designs….. BDS Performance provides linkage service for all makes and models incorporating linkage.

We all have heard of “Dog Bones”, double dog bones, trapped dog bones, pivot deflectors, eccentric levers, and double triangle design. These are the suspensions of modern day bikes that give us better trigonometry, movement of our suspensions, and greater swing arm travel.

These “Linked” suspensions give us better riding, turning, and finer tuning from our suspensions for Sag and Squat measurements to within a few kg/mm of pre-load! They typically are incorporated with cast or poured swing arms that are then machined to perfectly fit the linkages and allow to finer tuning and smoother road riding/racing.

Linkages though, require more maintenance! They have more bearings; bushings, seals and these parts must be pressed into place with specialized machines with exacting tolerances and high pressures. They must come apart every 6000kms or earlier to be cleaned inspected and re-lubricated. More frequent riding in the rain or taking your machine underwater will mitigate how much more service is required.

Many folks think they can just “Spray” some lubricant at the linkages…… you could, but it will be useless. They are sealed, remember? They must come apart, be cleaned, inspected, lubricated and re-installed and checked for proper operation and torques.

Linkage Service – includes disassembly, complete cleaning, accurate measurements of tolerances, inspect, measure service limits of parts, replace wear parts, seals, bushings, bearings and lubricate with Motorex, Gator, or High Performance Marine grease.

Linkage service starts at 5000 baht (Shop time labor) and does not include wear parts. If Motorcycle has a Shaft Drive or Single Side Swing Arm, prices may vary.

NOTE* Grease and wear parts are not included in prices and can be OEM or aftermarket depending on customers’ requirements and availability.

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