Component Overhaul and Service

Component Overhaul and Service

Overhaul and service of your suspension components is an important part of maintenance for keeping your suspension system in good working order. BDS Performance works closely with the manufacturers we sell and service to ensure you have decades of reliable use and enjoyment from these components that serve your suspension system.

We recommend all Shocks to Be Overhauled and Serviced by the manufacturer every 5 years or less. If you are a racer or track enthusiast, every year is needed as well as MX and SX competitors. Depending on the severity of the environment, and the abuse you put your motorcycle through. The more miles and hours you ride, service interval decreases.

The components are inspected, disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and placed in a bin with your name. Technicians are trained to measure and inspect for wear or damage. Parts are replaced if they are at or out of “service limits”. Only proper tools are used when servicing your suspension. Many of these tools are special ordered by BDS Performance because they are not commercially available. Air guns are not used here and are not a special tool and usually cause more harm than good to suspension components.

Here are a few tips to help you determine if your serviceable shock needs to be serviced or overhauled:


  • Bike changes ownership
  • Change from Off-Road to Motocross Settings
  • Terrain changes, i.e. rider or bike relocated to a new environment
  • Rider weight gain/loss or improved skill levels
  • Number of rider’s changes and/or passengers change
  • The amount of Cargo Box capacity: increases or decreases.
  • Oil Residue around shaft seal or weeping>
  • Funny sounding noise from suspension
  • Any Shock part that looks damaged or missing
Component Overhaul starts at 3000 baht (Shop time labor) for rear shocks and 5000 baht (Shop time labor) for closed cartridges pressurized front forks.

NOTE* All wear parts and oil are not included in prices

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