Swing Arm

Swing Arm

Thailand riders and expats alike seem to think that the Swing arm is integral to the frame, and there is some magical being coming out into the garage and lubricating this component of your Suspension system every night! You are responsible for this maintenance, Not the Dealer!

At BDS Performance in Bangkok, we have seen dozens of “Locked Swing Arms” on many makes and models over the years. Most customers complain about the Shock, when in fact, the Swing arm is froze or seized. When this happens, repairs become very costly and typically a machine shop needs to be brought into the repair of the close tolerance areas machined into your swing arm….We provide piece of mind and safety when you have your swing arm lubricated and serviced at BDS Performance.

These Swing Arms take a tremendous amount of force and complex twisting and flexing depending on Steel tube or casting constructions. Riding in harsh environments such as rain, puddles, flooding and off road conditions causes the bearings to become contaminated, and thereafter, contributes to failure of the swing arm via a corroded bearing and a froze or seized bushing. Needless to Say, this area should be inspected every 6000kms, and serviced every 2 years to ensure the suspension system is performing and you are not riding on a hard tailed motorcycle. Causing damage by negligence may result in an injury or death.

Call us at BDS Performance today, to schedule a swing arm service if your chassis is vibrating too much, your ass hurts, or your passenger no longer wishes to ride with you on long journeys.

Swing Arm Service – includes disassembly, complete cleaning, accurate measurements of tolerances, inspect, measure service limits of parts, replace wear parts, seals, bushings, bearings and lubricate with Motorex, Gator, or High Performance Marine grease.

Swing Arm Service Starts at 10000baht (Shop time Labor) and does not include wear parts. If Motorcycle has a Shaft Drive or Single Side Swing Arm, prices may vary.

NOTE* Grease and wear parts are not included in prices and can be OEM or aftermarket depending on customers’ requirements and availability.

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