Street Bike

Street Bike

Thailand Riders experience some extreme riding conditions in our major cities: including Bangkok, Pattaya, and Chiang Mai. Shocks and other suspension components that need regular maintenance are often neglected as we are busy commuting to work and led busy lives.

You need a Suspension system built that can handle this harsh environment of Pot Holes, Railroad tracks and uneven city streets.  Adding dampening and correct spring rates makes a substantial difference on your back, hands and general motorcycle riding ergonomics.

BDS Performance has been serving Bangkok and surrounding districts for over 8 years and we know the Roads and the streets you ride in every day.  We can help tame your street Bike to make it more manageable and Plush.

BDS Performance “Optimization and Enhancement Tuning” can increase your confidence and handling by adding the correct spring rates, dampening mechanisms, and settings for your street machine.

We recommend Ohlins, Wilbers and Legends suspension products for all of your street bike applications from BMW to YAMAHA. Almost all the Street Performing Shocks and Cartridges from these manufacturers offer superior rebound adjustments, spring selection, Remote and Mechanical Pre-loaders, and Fast/Slow compression clickers.

Since we can have a variety of Street Performance lines of Shocks, it offers more selection and superior quality to our customers and Clients. The street bike performance is best satisfied when the Sag, Squat, and balance are slightly negative for city street speeds and traffic.

We also accommodate Thai 2 up riders, and Thai riders with Cargo cases on their street machines for commuting. This can make balancing your machine a bit tricky with balancing the weight correctly and ensuring you have not disturbed the overall geometry of the Motorcycle. BDS Performance can help with these solutions as well, from Adding or subtracting KG/MM Spring Rates, to ride height adjustment engineering.

Whatever Street riding performance solutions you need for your street Bike, Including but not limited to: Linkage, Suspension, Stability, Safety, Handling, performance, lubrication, design, engineering, inspection and professional custom installation, we have your Solution.