Height Reduction

Height Reduction

In Thailand and abroad, many motorcycling enthusiasts with inseams lower than size 30, are put off at certain times by a motorcycles seat height. At BDS Performance we understand this challenge, and have several ways to correct the motorcycles seat and bar height.

Lowering is accomplished by several means. Including: Lower Shock Stroke, Longer Linkage, front fork spring kits and shock engineered extensions. The best in our opinion is to have the shock custom built from the factory and balanced with an enhanced custom front fork!

BDS Performance works with our manufacturers and can order custom made shocks directly from the factory, or we can order for our Cruiser customers, adjustable on the fly, air shocks! For our modern street riders, we install special fork spring kits in the front which is properly balanced and is adapted to the lowered rear. For most of these installations, certain expert knowledge and special tools are necessary. BDS has these tools and the knowledge!

A good example of lowering capabilities would be the BMW R1200GSA, by where we can lower the entire chassis via suspension by as low as 80 mm!!! That’s a fantastic improvement for many Thai riders who are struggling to be “Flat Footed” while maneuvering these big and heavy bikes at slow speeds and in parking areas…… Yes, we also can do this with ESA bikes and non ESA bikes from BMW and several others as well.

Let BDS Performance quote you a package to lower or raise your chassis height today without effecting performance or comfort and help you tame your big adventure bike, right away.

Note* All models may not be able to use specific or all brands. BDS Performance works with only the best at Legends, Ohlin’s and Wilber’s suspension systems.

Please Note* When lowering a motorcycle it is important to lower front and rear for the same amount. If you do not keep this important regulation in mind it leads to an altered suspension geometry which could cause negative riding behavior.

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