Front Suspension Service and Modification


Thailand’s Riders are harsh on their bikes and expect the best performance from they’re machines…..Unfortunately, as individuals are various sizes, shapes and weights: The front forks need to be modified specifically for the individual’s ergonomics and performance expectations. We often hear of vibrations, and poor handling on brand new models! It’s sad, but it’s true.

Many people believe that the Bike was made exclusively for them, but actually it was massed produced and it was not sold to them with custom springs, cartridges, and in many cases the correct weight of fork oil. Many bikes in Thailand are sold with transmission fluid from the automotive divisions and are a poor substitute for front fork performance. Many bikes are still being produced with old tech from the 1970’s Right Side Up with only one fork spring….. This is where the manufacturer can save money and keep the overall price down to compete for Thailand’s market share.

It is safe, and it is approved, but we can help you make it even better for your riding needs and where you wish to travel, and with who you travel.

Whether or not you’re Touring, Track riding, Adventure riding or just commuting around your town in Thailand, BDS Performance can enhance and optimize your front forks through modifying the forks with proper springs for your weight, cartridges, and the correct bushings and overhaul kits. We have helped thousands of people (just like you) to have the perfect riding machine and enjoy endless miles and destinations across Thailand.

Fork Rebuild – includes disassembly, complete cleaning, polish fork tubes, inspect, measure service limits of parts, new seals, bushings, bleed with new fork suspension fluid and set oil level in forks.

Front Fork Service – starts at 3,000 baht (Shop time labor) for RSD’s (Right Side Up) forks and 5,000 baht for USD’s (Up Side Down Forks).

NOTE* Oil and wear parts are not included in prices and can be OEM or aftermarket depending on customers’ requirements and availability.

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