• What is your spring rate?

    All springs are typically manufactured with a single or dual spring rate, This means you probably need to change yours for your weight and travel conditions.

  • Do you ride ATGATT?

    All the gear,all the time.Whenever or wherever you ride you should be protected to ride ATGATT, this also affects the weight requirements and Spring calculations.

  • Your preferred Race/rider Sag?

    This is a measurement(s) in static & dynamic sag = the rider/race sag…. This is not the same for everyone.

  • What is the type of riding you do? Ex.:Street, Track, Dirt, Adventure

    The type of riding also will determine your suspension needs & spring rate.

  • Do you have a rider more than 50%of the time?

    Yes or No This has a huge impact on Spring Selection and Sag requirements.

  • Baggage including saddle bags,Tank bags and back pack?

    Yes or No.  This is critical as many Bikes in Thailand are over Maximum Load, and too far aft of the Axle.  We also calculate your Springs based on this information.

  • What size of chain set do you ride?

    Chain sets come in different sizes & lenghts (a typical size is a 520 pitch) 428, 525, and 530.

  • Ridding in the City or Mostly Highway?

    This is very important for the Oil Viscosity and the level of Oil. The Final tune of the Forks.

  • Is your chain aligned and tensioned correctly?

    All chains stretch after initial brake in & must have tension checked and adjusted.

  • When is the last time you cleaned and lubricated your chain set?

    All chain must be aligned after each tire replacement and cleaaned and lubricated 2x per month or after each long ride and/or extensive washing.

  • Do you have control of your motorbike or does the motorbike have control of you?

    If you have the wrong squat & sag, the wrong springs: your bike will fight you to turn or become stable at highway high speeds.

  • When is the last time you changed your fork oil or service your shock?

    Required service is every 2 years.

  • Did you replace the O.E.M. spring with the correct spring and spring rate?

    The OEM spring is typical for a common weight range of a common rider……But not for all riders.