Hello, readers. This week, we have the topic of knowledge about shock to be presented as before.
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One of the other important factors in the shock. That motorcycle riders almost overlook Have you ever known that
The viscosity oil is available from the number 20w 15w 10w 7.5w 5w 2.5w.
At present, there is no technology that will not cause the oil fork lead dust and air little by little
every time it collapses when working back to inside the system. And heat from rolling through the flow holes Valve
according to the design of the different Fork Another quick Moreover, heat is also transferred from the brake units.
The original oil that comes out of the assembly factory, most of them do not use synthetic oil
or oil designed for the Specialized only Fork.

“And this is an image of OEM oil absorber from the factory that has been used for just 150km.”

Think about it. If anyone uses a car for tens or even thousands of kilometers, the color will be, no need to think. Let’s see what the mud driven Fork looks like what?
And this is the Fork oil that has been used for about 26,000km As I said before, the Fork will have dust in the system. Which is worse than fuel / engine oil Which are also closed systems, but also have filters to change according to distance And bike users are more conscious of the maintenance change If still do not see the need to waste money to take care of a little Fork oil, then Try wasting time scrolling down to see.
Therefore, there is a need to change the Fork oil. If there is a leak Or the changing feeling of rides
But the Admin suggests that you should go into service in a shop that has knowledge and experience
only really making Suspension Because if a general store or garage is not made in a particular way
*will use general hydraulic oil with very high viscosity
*Disassembled without the care of scrape to frame bike and floor / no separation of parts to inspect for damage
*Installation without tools for the type of use And there is no measurement of anchor torque
at the factory value There are many people who understand that in some positions they have have to tighten
themselves to the extreme. Finally, resulting in giving less or not at all Performance is reduced
to unnecessarily like that.
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